Our Premium

Potty Pads

Our ultra absorbent potty pads absorb odors and liquids. 
It is made of 4
ultra thick carbon filled layers and it is 2 x thicker than the traditional potty pads.


The activated carbon traps and eliminates unpleasant odors and keeps your home fresh. It prevents urine from returning to the surface and dirtying paws.


Recommended for puppy/kitty training, incontinent or senior dogs/cats and lining crates and carriers.

as thick as

traditional pads

Precautions for use:

Choose a spot and gently unfold and place the pad,gray side up and plastic side down on the floor (or in a pet toilet tray if you are using one).
Please handle the pad gently as you spread it on the floor.
Exerting force can cause the pad to rip,and
the absorber agents inside the pad will leak.
Do not cut the pad with scissors as the absorber agents will come out.
Make sure the grey side of the pad is facing upward; the color of the pad could transfer causing damage to the floor or furniture.
This product is not edible; If your pet has eaten or swallowed the pad, please consult a veterinarian.
Do not let your pets and children play with the product package.


Disposal after use:

Remove fecal matter separately in the bathroom before disposing of the pad.
Roll up the pad so that the soiled area is inward to keep it sanitary.
The pads cannot be flushed down the toilet.Please follow the garbage collection rule of your residence.



Storage method:

Avoid direct sunlight,heat and humidity.Keep away from fire.
Separate the product from food storage and keep out of reach of children.
Seal the package tightly after opening to prevent dust or insects from getting in.
It is recommended that you store in an airtight container.


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