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Q. Are pet sheets and cat litter manufactured in Japan?


Yes. We have been manufacturing them in Japan. 



Q. If a pet gnawed at the sheet and ate the contents of it, would it be harmful to their body?


The sheets put absorbers (such as pulp and high molecular absorbers) between a waterproof sheet and a non-woven fabric like the chart above. Even if pets eat it, usually it’ll be drained physiologically as feces. Please consult immediately a veterinarian when you feel something unusual to your pet (Dispirited, Vomiting, Diarrhea, Anorexia and so on).


Q. How can I use the pet sheets?


Put a pet sheet on the space you decide as a toilet, then spread it carefully with both hands colored side up (Blue, Pink, Green). The people who have used a toilet tray for pets can also spread it in the tray.
※Please note that if you shake and treat a sheet roughly when you spread it, it will be broken and pop absorbers out and the cause of absorbers unbalance.


Q. How can I dispose of the pet sheets?


You must remove the feces on the sheet and flush them into the toilet. Please dispose of the used-sheet to be sanitary with a dirty part as the inside.
※The sheets can’t be flushed into a toilet. This main component is flammable but the way of disposal could be a difference between municipalities. May I trouble you to dispose of it following the trash separating rules of the area where you live.


Q. I’d like to use the pet sheets cut.


The pet sheet is composed of the surface sheet of absorbers (such as flocculent pulp and high molecular absorbers) and the waterproof sheet of the back side. Please use as it is. Because the absorbers inside pop out and that causes a stain and a leak when the sheet is cut by scissors.


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